Generasi Kocak: 90-an vs Komika

Genre: Lebahkaca
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 80 Menit

Allan (Afif Xavi) and Dellon (Adi Bing Slamet) are two figures who have different postures and different ages but inseparable companions. Both are members of gangsters led by Si Naga 90s (Kadir) and Naga Komika (Anyun Lisp). One day when Allan is frantic when hefinds out that his father (Jaja Miharja) goes to Jakarta, assisted by a taxi driver (Mandra) His father wants to see Allan’s 24-hour clinic. Allan has claimed to be a doctor and had his own clinic. Allan tells Dellon to gather their friends to pretend to be patients. Allan and Dellon pretending to be doctors and their girlfriends, Susi (Arafat Rianti) and Mia (Resti Wulandari) as nuns.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia